Our new brand identity

With a wealth of experience in media production our aim was to create a brand identity that harked back through our rich history whilst pushing forward a professional yet creative and fun image. We wanted a brand with soul; not stuffy; not overly buttoned up!

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Holiday Advertising Prep: What Retail Marketers Should Do Now

People may not be in holiday mode yet, but retail marketers should be. Why? Because successful holiday marketing starts with preparation in August and September. As you begin thinking about holiday advertising, keep in mind that this year people are expected to do more holiday shopping on mobile than ever.

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An Elegant Kinetic Sculpture that Mimics the Flight of a Hummingbird

Containing over 400 precisely machined gears, screws, and aesthetic elements, Derek Hugger’s latest kinetic sculpture Colibri mimics the motion of a hummingbird in flight. Though the motions of flying are unmistakable, the piece has much more in common with a clock than a bird.

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Why Is Video Marketing So Important?

Recentforecasts from Cisco Systems suggest that the number of online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion, with total online video consumption predicted to quadruple. Since video usage is growing, businesses cannot neglect video as a viable marketing channel.

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Navigating the ‘Hotel California’ effect of social platforms

Facebook has been not-so-quietly chatting with a handful of media companies about hosting content within the platform rather than linking out to an external site. Hosting content on the platform buys media outlets an average of eight seconds of loading time – an eternity in Internet time.

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You Can Drive This Life-Size Lexus Made Out of Cardboard

More specifically, this is a full-scale replica of a Lexus IS, built entirely out of the corrugated paper material. Go ahead and gawk (we did, too). The handiwork is from the clever folks at LaserCut Works and Scales and Models, who designed the car based on the original CAD files of the IS.

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Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product. There has been some recent discussion on the web about this topic, about your logo not being your brand.

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